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Syllabus update in the works

Many changes have taken place in Fairview while Dr. Raglan has been on sabbatical, including new weapons and new threats, such as bandits. Dr. Raglan plans to update the syllabus to help keep students better informed about how to deal with these developments. 

WAIL OF THE WENDIGO coming December 2020

ZHU has received information that strange things will be happening in the city of Fairview from December 18 through January 3. Reports are that there will be a new boss identified as "Wendigo" with a "bloodcurdling scream." Also, an evil Santa with Elf Commandos will be "cleansing" the streets of th…

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Chimney Sweeper

As an anonymous poster pointed out in our Feedback forum, the limited edition Chimney Sweeper (which was available for sale during the special Christmas event) "adheres exactly to the core concept of scientific minimalism, but applied on a higher level, i.e. the bosses previously concluded to be imp…

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Massive Changes to DEAD FRONTIER

Coming back from sabbatical, I see there have been a few major changes in the world of Dead Frontier, which will require a major revamp of our curriculum. First and foremost, through some sort of mysterious mutation, explosive zombies (bloats, irradiated black rumblers, mothers, etc) no longer ex…

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A Lesson in Reloading: Greyhawk vs VLock

Not to keep anxious students in suspense: The point of this lesson is that a Greyhawk revolver with 107 in Reloading delivers as much Damage Per Second as a VLock automatic pistol with 124 in Reloading.

Why is that significant? Because there is an unfortunate school of thought among some Dead…

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Crafting Weapons

Zombie Hunter is a little bit late responding to this development, which was posted on the Dead Frontier Wiki on March 26, 2019 but which actually took place in December 2018. It is now possible to craft specialty weapons and a special "Devil's Implant" by using items looted from a new type of boss,…

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Just Posted: Secronom Bunker Missions

After posting individual lessons over the course of the past few weeks, we have finally completed and posted our complete guide to Secronom Bunker Missions

It contains everything you need to know about how to successfully complete all 20 missions offered at Secronom Bunker.



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Lesson: Mutate Away mission in Secronom Bunker

  • Type: Kill & Loot
  • Goal: Exterminate ten Irradiated Long Arms, loot their blood samples
  • Zombies: White Zone Population, particularly Irradiated Long Arms
  • Aggro: high
  • Suggested Weapons: Doubleshot or Marksman; Hammerhead; Immolator
  • Difficulty Level: Slight

Set in three White Zone…

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Lesson: Baby Blues mission from Secronom Bunker


  • Type: Search & Rescue
  • Goal:  Find Miranda, convince her to return
  • Zombies: White Zone Population
  • Aggro: High
  • Suggested Weapons: Hammerhead, AA-12, Street Dog
  • Difficulty Level: Challenging

High agro and a reluctant Miranda make "Baby Blues" one of the most difficult search-and-rescue mi…

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Lesson: Need a Bigger Vial - Secronom Bunker Mission

  • Type: Boss Hunt &Loot
  • Goal:  Exterminate a Flaming Black Titan, loot a blood sample from its corpse
  • Zombies: Black Zone Population, Flaming Black Titan
  • Agro Level: High
  • Suggested Weapons: Doubleshot, Marksman, Ironsight, Longshot
  • Difficulty Level: Extremely Challenging

"Need a…

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Lesson: Extraction Trilogy

Progress continues on our Guide to Secronom Bunker missions, but it is still not ready for publication. Consequently, we are publishing excerpts as they become available. Today's lesson focuses on the trilogy of missions consisting of "Extraction," "Valuable Data," and "A Merciful End."

All three o…

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Lesson: Security Leak mission at Secronom Bunker

Security Leak

  • Type: Looting
  • Goal: Retrieve 10 Secronom Keycards
  • Zombies: Black Zone Population
  • Aggro: Little if any
  • Suggested Weapon: Best Available Quiet Looting Weapon
  • Difficulty Level: Easy

Security Leak is a simple looting missions. The only "difficulty" is that the designated loot spo…

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Firearm Shortage Lesson

As part of our new postgraduate program, we are working on a guide to Secronom Bunker missions. It will take awhile to finish it. In the meantime, we will post individual lessons here, beginning with...

Firearm Shortage

  • Type: Looting
  • Goal:  Loot ten M16 assault rifles
  • Zombies: Black Zo…

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Explosive Chapter added to Boss Hunting Guide

The Scientific Minimalist Guide to Dead Frontier Boss Hunting now has a chapter on using Explosives to hunt bosses.

Grenade Launchers are not usually a good idea for bossing hunting because they are designed to spread their damage across a crowd of fifteen, not focus damage on a single target.

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Boss Pairs added to Boss Hunting Guide

Another chapter has been added to the Scientific Minimalist Guide to Boss Hunter. This one is about hunting Boss Pairs, which appear in Red, Black, and White Zones in the eastern section of Fairview.

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Lessons on Flaming Rumblers & Flaming Flesh Hounds now available!

As part of our postgraduate coursework for students in Secronom Bunker, we have added two new chapters to the Scientific Minimalist Guide to Boss Hunting: one on Flaming Rumblers and one on Flaming Flesh Hounds.

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Boss Hunting Flaming Long Arms Now Available!

Here is a link to our new page on hunting Flaming Black Long Arms. We had posted a video on the blog months ago; the written text is updated with new information and strategies, some of which may form the basis of a new video, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.

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Postgraduate Studies Now Available: Secronom Bunker!

Zombie Hunter University's coursework for Secronom Bunker is now available here. It contains lessons on looting, grinding, boss hunting, and missions - everything graduate students need to know about surviving in the outpost.

When Zombie Hunter University was founded, the school was strictly …

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Lesson: Over-Damage & DPS

There are three reasons weapons may not deliver their advertised Damage Per Second. The first two are obvious: Accuracy and Reloading. If a weapon pauses to reload or if it fails to hit its target, that mitigates DPS.

The third reason is Over-Damage, which is what happens when weapons inflict mor…

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Damage Boost Chart

As part of our continuing process of upgrading our page of Weapon Charts, we have added a new chart illustrating the difference in Damage Per Hit that results from a 35% Damage Boost (which has pretty much become the new normal the past few weeks).

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