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The Scientific Minimalist Guide to Boss Hunting: Titans (with video)


A Titan is essentially a larger version of the Bone – which is to say it is big, fast, and boney. Without good armor and/or high Endurance, a student could die very quickly – from a single blow, if he/she has weak armor and low Endurance.

Titans come in two varieties: ordinary and flaming. Here are the useful particulars:




Health Points



Damage Per Hit



Experience Earned




Green, Yellow, Orange, Red

Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Black, White

The Flaming Titan is twice as lethal and twice as hard to kill as its non-charbroiled brethren.  The same strategies apply, but they will take longer, and the chances of being seriously injured are much higher.Therefore, it is best to avoid Burning Titans until working with decent equipment and Agility.

Otherwise, the strategies against Titans are not that much different from those used against Flaming Zombies.

Essentially, there are three options, which we will describe in terms of the best weapons sophomore-level students are likely to have when encountering one of these beasts for the first time near Dogg's Stockade.



Suggested Weapons:

  • Sabre melee
  • M1 Garand or higher rifle
  • Kolt Anaconda or Alpha Bull pistol

The Titan’s speed works to its disadvantage in one way: the creature tends to outrun any surrounding aggro, making it easy to concentrate on the target, relatively unhindered by other zombies. Students can use this to their advantage with this strategy.

Run backwards down the street while the Titan pursues. When it gets within reach, strike it with a Melee weapon, and sprint back before the Titan can counter-attack.

Timing is important, because the Titan has a long attack range. If it gets too close, it could make contact.

Students must also be careful not to get backed into a corner from which there is no escape.

Do not bother using a Trench Knife for this encounter. The chances of landing two quick, successive blows is low. Better to inflict maximum damage with a single strike from the Sabre.

Students can use firearms, but Titans are resistant to stun and knockback, so it’s not as if shooting the creature will hold it at bay. Nevertheless, it is possible to fire continuously instead of striking only when the Titan gets close; therefore, a quicker kill is more likely.

The more DPH, the better. An M1 Garand rifle is adequate, if  Agility and Reloading are maxed; an MSG-9, a Dragon SVD, or a VSS Vintorez are preferable. A Kolt Anaconda revolver might be good enough, but an Alpha Bull is superior.


Suggested Weapon:

  • Steel MS800 chainsaw

Students with Agility and dodging skills should whip out a Steel MS800 chainsaw and grind the Titan to death.

It will be necessary to circle constantly, avoiding blows. Fortunately, like all zombies, the Titan pauses to strike, providing a brief moment to get out of the way.

Also like other zombies, the Titan will tend to turn in the direction from which it was last struck. So a blow on the Titan's left side will lure it into turning to the left. Knowing this, students can predict where they need to move to be out of the way.

To get maximum effectiveness out of the chainsaw, it is necessary to stay close and maintain continuous (or near continuous) contact. Students who cannot execute this maneuver are better off striking continually with a Sabre.

Depending on viewscreen resolution (which should be as high as possible), signs of weakness will be visible as the Titan nears death: its body will change to a bloody color, and it will lose appendages.  The Titan will also become more vulnerable to stun and knockback, making it easier to finish him off with Melee weapons.

The danger of this approach is that it gives any aggro in the area a chance to catch up, making it necessary to grind through any zombie interlopers that appear.


Suggested Weapons:

  • SL8 or M1 Garand or higher rifle

Run around the block looking for a fence; duck through the entrance and move away before the Titan follows.

Zombies, being stupid, tend to run straight instead of following the path taken by their prey. By hiding behind a fence, students can remain safe from the Titan while slowly shooting it to death.

The SL8 inflicts 54.6 damage points per second, which means it will take approximately 140 bullets and 2-and-a-half minutes of continuous fire to exterminate a Titan (assuming almost every bullet hits the target – which is unlikely with other zombies swarming in the way). If  ammunition runs low, students can step outside the fence and finish off the beast with Melee.

Students who have been leveling up Rifle skill rather than Melee will have the advantage of more powerful firearms.An M1 Garand will cut down the kill-time considerably, as would any other rifle with higher DPH. But then, the luxury of this method is that time is not of the essence.

Students could also blast away with a machine gun, but that would be a waste of money and ammo.


Because the Titan is the first full-size boss most students will encounter (as opposed the mini-boss Flaming Zombie), we present four videos on the subject of Titans and Flaming Titans. Though the videos are specific to these particular zombies, the strategies employed will work against other bosses as well. 

Hunting Titans, Part 1


Hunting Titans with Melee & Chainsaw


Hunting Flaming Titans


Hunting a Pair of Flaming Titans


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