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Scientific-Minimalist Guide to Dead Frontier Boss Hunting: Flaming Black Rumblers (with Video)

Key Points:

  • Flaming Black Rumblers are one of three "Black Zone Mini-Bosses" that appear in the eastern regions of Fairview, mostly in Black and White Zones but also in Red Zones.
  • Like the other Black Zone Mini-Bosses, Flaming Rumblers spawn in groups of five, each of which drops loot upon death.
  • Flaming Black Rumblers have more health points than other Black Zone Mini-Bosses; it takes more time and ammunition to kill them.
  • Flaming Black Rumblers are slower than other Black Zone Mini-Bosses; this makes them harder to separate from agro.
  • Nevertheless, Flaming Black Rumbers are relatively easy to kill, making them a great source of experience and loot.


The same strategies that worked against Flaming Long Arms will work against Flaming Black Rumblers:

  1. Circle the area to separate Flaming Rumblers from the agro.
  2. Isolate Flaming Rumblers in walled or fenced areas and use Explosives.
  3. Join other hunters to improve chances and save on ammunition.

Read more about these strategies in our lesson on Flaming Black Long Arms.

Speed, Health, Damage

There are three differences between Flaming Black Rumblers and Flaming Long Arms:

  1. Flaming Black Rumblers have more health.
  2. Flaming Black Rumblers deal more damage.
  3. Flaming Black Rumblers are slower.

Combined, the first two differences amount to this:

It will take more time to kill Flaming Black Rumblers; more time means more chances to make a mistake; a mistake will result in suffering more damage, possibly fatal. In short, the odds of success are somewhat worse.

The solution is strong armour, high endurance, and as much DPS as you can afford to inflict. Or more simply, be careful and avoid mistakes, or go on group boss hunts, supported by advanced students who can kill the Flaming Rumblers quickly.

  • Note: It will take an Immolator nearly nine minutes to launch the 500-plus heavy grenades necessary to kill five Flaming Black Long Arms. Actual kill-time and number of heavy grenades will probably be higher.

Difference #3 has an advantage and a disadvantage:

  • Disadvantage: Flaming Black Rumblers are more prone to fall behind when students are trying to separate them from agro by circling the area.

This makes Explosives even more appealing than they were against Flaming Long Arms, because damage inflicted by Explosives will provoke the Flaming Rumblers ito stay in close pursuit.

  • Advantage: Being Slower, Flaming Black Rumblers are easier to kill once they are separated from agro.

Not only is it easier to outpace Flaming Black Rumblers; it is possible to match their pace exactly. This is excellent news for Melee and Chainsaw students, who can simply walk backward, continuously striking or grinding Flaming Black Rumblers. Because they are resistant to knockback, the Flaming Black Rumblers will simply keep advancing, even when a Chainsaw is embedded in their gut. They practically kill themselves.



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