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Dead Frontier 101:Outposts & Zones

An Outpost is a base of operations, where you seek refuge from the horrors of Fairview. At an outpost, students can go to Market to buy and sell goods, read and write messages on the Forum, and visit the Yard, where it is possible to scrap items for fast cash and enhance items with stats or colors (for a price, of course).

There are five permanent outposts in Dead Frontier: Nastya’s Holdout, Dogg’s Stockade, Precinct 13, Fort Pastor, and Secronom Bunker. Additionally, players can create their own outposts by using a hammer, wooden planks, and nails to board up buildings in the city.

Each outpost has its own missions and difficulty level, according to the zone where it is situated. These zones are color-coded (Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Black), indicating what types of zombies reside there. As you move farther east, from outpost to outpost, you enter increasingly dangerous zones, with new and scarier zombies. The tradeoff is a chance for better loot – not to mention the fun of meeting a new challenge.

In a sense, students chart their progress through Fairview according to which outpost they are ready to inhabit. There are different schools of thought regarding when students should make the exodus from each outpost; some "experts" advocate going as far east as soon as possible, even skipping some outposts.

Although this is possible, we do not recommend it. A gradual advance, stopping at each outpost for 10-12 levels, provides opportunities to work on a build and develop skills in an environment suited for a student's current level. Therefore, we assume that our students will stop at all outposts in their journey through Fairview. 

Excerpted and adapted from Dead Frontier 101.

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