Zombie Hunter University, Fairview

Dr. Raglan's Scientific-Minimalist School of Dead Frontier Weapons, Builds & Boss-Hunting

Postgraduate Studies Now Available: Secronom Bunker!

Zombie Hunter University's coursework for Secronom Bunker is now available here. It contains lessons on looting, grinding, boss hunting, and missions - everything graduate students need to know about surviving in the outpost.

When Zombie Hunter University was founded, the school was strictly undergraduate studies. The Board of Regents felt that by the time students reached Level 50 they would be able to survive on their own without further education.

Since then, many changes have taken place on the streets of Fairview, and the world of Dead Frontier is quite different. Consequently, we decided to start a postgraduate program that would include Masters Degrees and Doctorates.

The new coursework on Secronom Bunker form the basis of the Masters program, including lessons (some still to be completed) on Flaming Black Long Arms, Flaming Rumblers, hunting boss pairs, missions, and more.

The Doctorate Program, still in early planning stages, will cover life in the Wastelands.

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