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Crafting Weapons

Zombie Hunter is a little bit late responding to this development, which was posted on the Dead Frontier Wiki on March 26, 2019 but which actually took place in December 2018. It is now possible to craft specialty weapons and a special "Devil's Implant" by using items looted from a new type of boss, an inner city Devil Hound.

Crafted items include the Santa Slayer (blade), the X-Hammer (blunt), X-Python (pistol), X-Garand (rifle), X-MP5, X-Mannberg (shotgun), X-M79 (grenade launcher), X-AK 47 (assault rifle), and the Devil's Implant (3% damage reduction, 5% speed increase).

These items are roughly equivalent to X-Dusk equipment - which is to say, they are top of the line. They can be purchased in the marketplace, but they are extremely expensive. Students who wish to avoid the expense can hunt the inner city Devil Hounds, which spawn once every few days. 

Crafting these items typically requires one blueprint, five parts, and three Devil's Hearts (sometimes five), plus the original version of the item to be crafted. Thus, to create an X-MP5 submachine gun, a student would need an MP5 submachine gun, one X-MP5 blueprint, five X-MP5 parts, and three Devil's Hearts. A student would then take these items to the new Crafting section in the Outposts and spend a fee ranging from $500,000 to $3,000,000 to create the crafted version.*

The new crafted weapons can be very useful in the White Zones northeast of Secronom Bunker and, especially, in the Wastelands. However, they are long-term goals rather than must-have necessities. Students in the school of Scientific Minimalism should focus their attention on the course work and worry about acquiring these weapons after they have achieved their post-graduate degrees.

*It is possible to create a Nail Bat from a Baseball Bat and some Nails, for a $100 fee. This hardly seems a worthwhile endeavor.

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