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Scientific-Minimalist Guide to Dead Frontier Boss Hunting: Flaming Flesh Hounds (with Video)

Key Points:

  • Flaming Flesh Hounds are one of three "Black Zone Mini-Bosses" that appear in the eastern regions of Fairview, mostly in Black and White Zones but also in Red Zones.
  • Like the other Black Zone Mini-Bosses, Flaming Flesh Hounds spawn in groups of five, each of which drops loot upon death.
  • Flaming Flesh Hounds are faster than other Black Zone Mini-Bosses, and they inflict more damage; this makes them the most dangerous to hunt.
  • Flaming Flesh Hounds are very susceptible to knockback; individually, they can be handled with looting weapons.


Flaming Flesh Hounds are too fast for individual students to handle them in groups of five. They will catch up to students who try to round around the perimeter to thin the agro. They will outmaneuver students who try circle them while lobbing Explosives.

There are some strategies that work reliably:

  1. Use a Speed Booster to outrun them while using the "circle the block" strategy.
  2. Use a mini-gun with high knockback to hold the Flaming Flesh Hounds at bay.
  3. Hunt Flaming Flesh Hounds with help from other students. This is especially effective in enclosed spaces.

#1: Speed Boost

With an extra 35% speed, it is easy to outrun Flaming Flesh Hounds. They are so fast that they will leave the agro behind, making themselves "easy" targets. 

Despite their speed and ferocity, Flaming Flesh Hounds are highly susceptible to knockback. When one is isolated from the pack, a high-end looting weapon (Doubleshot or Marksman) will knock it halfway across the screen, as will a high-end shotgun (Ace Barrel). At this point, even if the speed boost were to run out, it would still be possible to exterminate the target.

In fact, an agile Chainsaw student could grind a single Flaming Flesh Hound to death with a Goretooth. Possible a Melee student could whack one to death, but we would not recommend trying.

#2: Mini-Gun

The initial engagement against Flaming Flesh Hounds is very dangerous. The usual problem of Black Zone agro is amplified by the speed of the Flaming Flesh Hounds. A Mini-Gun can hold back the horde long enough to employ the "circle the block" strategy.

Most Mini-Guns are out of the price range of recent graduate students, but the Vulcan is affordable. Its DPS is not great (slightly less than the Hammerhead assault rifle and the Street Dog sub machine gun), but it is strong enough to protect students - if they are careful. 

Dodging and sprinting are still required. It is essential to sprint only when necessary, in order to avoid exhausting one's energy.

#3: Group Hunts in Enclosed Spaces

Flaming Flesh Hounds are so fast and ferocious that fighting them in a contained area seems counter-intuitive. However, speed serves Flaming Flesh Hounds best in open space. In tight places with many obstacles (such as parking lots), it is not necessary to outrun them - just outmaneuver them.

Even if there are few obstacles, the firepower from several hunters firing simultaneously is often enough to pin down the Flaming Flesh Hounds, making them easy targets and diminishing their chances to counter-attack.

As long as other hunters are using rapid fire weapons to hold the Flaming Flesh Hounds in place, students can get by with using looting weapons, preferably long-range rifles (e.g., an Ironsight) from as far away as possible. 

When the Flaming Flesh Hounds break break (as they inevitably do), switch to a high-knockback grinding weapon, such as a Vulcan or an AA-12.


Flaming Flesh Hounds have 20,000 health points apiece, the same as Flaming Long Arms. That adds up to a total of 100,000 health points for a pack of five.

To kill those five Flaming Flesh Hounds, it would take a Vulcan mini-gun over six and a half minutes to fire 5,152 rounds - assuming each bullet hit its target. In real-world situations, it would take much more time and ammunition. Students should plan accordingly when loading ammo before a hunt.

Read more about Black Zone Mini-Boss Hunting strategies in our lesson on Flaming Black Long Arms.



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