Zombie Hunter University, Fairview

Dr. Raglan's Scientific-Minimalist School of Dead Frontier Weapons, Builds & Boss-Hunting

Earn A Degree In Dead Frontier Survival!

Welcome to the Zombie Hunter University of Fairview, home of the Scientific-Minimalist School of Dead Frontier! At ZHUF, students receive under-graduate education in Weapons, Builds, Looting, Zombie-Killing, and Boss-Hunting - everything needed to survive the nightmarish world of Dead Frontier.

What is Dead Frontier? It is the self-described "ultimate survival horror MMORPG," which invites survivors worldwide to join the struggle of the living against the dead. Survivors in Fairview brave zombie-infested streets and buildings, where they find loot to sell for cash, which pays for supplies. Exterminating zombies earns experience points, which enables survivors to level up and obtain access to more advanced weapons, increasing their ability to defeat larger numbers of ever-stronger threats.

Dead Frontier is a worthwhile challenge, but it can be a sink-or-swim situation for new students learning to survive in Fairview city. There is a bewildering variety of options in terms of weapons, armor, and skills, all of which must be carefully chosen and coordinated, depending on personal preferences and goals.

To this end, Dr. Raglan - Dean of Zombie Hunter University - has codified his research and experience into a school of thought which he calls "Scientific Minimalism." This somewhat ostentatious term indicates that Dr. Raglan analyzes each task and determines the minimal equipment necessary to complete that task.

His findings have been assembled into several tutorials to help others safely navigate the dangers of Dead Frontier.These courses offer what might be more prosaically called the "bare minimum" approach to the world of Fairview, identifying economical equipment and the most efficient way of using it. There are other approaches that work, especially for survivors with enough experience to develop their own style, but for neophyte zombie hunters, Dr. Raglan guarantees that these tutorials will provide the advice and knowledge needed to succeed in Dead Frontier.

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