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Massive Changes to DEAD FRONTIER

Coming back from sabbatical, I see there have been a few major changes in the world of Dead Frontier, which will require a major revamp of our curriculum. First and foremost, through some sort of mysterious mutation, explosive zombies (bloats, irradiated black rumblers, mothers, etc) no longer explode when killed with melee weaponry (including chainsaws). This is a major advantage for students using those weapons, all but eliminating the need for single-shot looting weapons, which were formerly used to kill those zombies from a safe distance. The second major change is that the city of Fairview now offers "crafting" services, which allow students to craft more powerful weapons from components looted in the city. Unfortunately, in most cases, the necessary items must be looted from special bosses called Devil Hounds, which spawn once per day and are nearly impossible to kill. Students can also loot needed items from special bosses that appear only during holiday seasons, such as Santa and Reindeer. The third change is less a change than a realization of something that has been true but not fully understood: rapid-fire weapons do not do all the damage that they were supposed to do. The reasons for this are complex, but essentially their listed rates of Damage Per Second were always "theoretical" - that is, what could be achieved if they were working perfectly, which only happens in laboratory situations. In the field, these weapons put out their listed Damage Per Hit, but their firing rate falls short. So, for example, an assault rifle that supposedly fires 8.57 times per second actually fires closer to six times per second. It's important to remember: this has always been true, Up till now it was acknowledged obliquely that actual DPS fell short of the listed numbers. The only change is that now the exact, actual DPS is listed on the Dead Frontier wiki pages. At a glance, students might be fooled into thinking these grinding weapons have been downgraded, but in fact they are working exactly as they always have. We will go into our lesson plans at our earliest convenience to makes changes based on these changes and new information.

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