Zombie Hunter University, Fairview

Dr. Raglan's Scientific-Minimalist School of Dead Frontier Weapons, Builds & Boss-Hunting

Chimney Sweeper

As an anonymous poster pointed out in our Feedback forum, the limited edition Chimney Sweeper (which was available for sale during the special Christmas event) "adheres exactly to the core concept of scientific minimalism, but applied on a higher level, i.e. the bosses previously concluded to be impervious toward scientific minimalism." We have been running some field tests with the Chimney Sweeper, and it is an amazing weapon, offering incredible knockback combined with DPS on par with mini-guns.

Starting at $26-million in the Secronom Bunker marketplace, the Chimney Sweeper is not an inexpensive weapon, but it is an excellent value for the money compared to the previous best shotgun in Fairview, the Buckblast, which currently starts at $65-million. If you can scrape together the cash for a CS, do so.

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