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Scientific Minimalist Guide to Dead Frontier Boss Hunting: Wraiths (with video)

Wraiths come in two forms: Flame-Off and Flame-On. The latter is a much healthier species, making it a more difficult target; it is also much deadlier when it strikes.

Otherwise, the two versions are reasonably similar. If a student can kill a Wraith, he/she can kill a Burning Wraith; it just takes twice as long.

Boss Type



Health Points



Damage Per Hit



Experience Earned




Orange, Red, Black

Orange, Red, Black


Suggested Weapons:

  • Alpha Bull revolver
  • VSS Vinctorz rifle
  • Battle Ax/Katana melee
  • Grinder chainsaw

Additional Weapon Suggestion:

  • Chicago Typewriter sub-machine gun
  • XM8 assault rifle
  • Mannberg shotgun

The Wraith is very intimidating when first encountered. More or less a giant version of a Tendril, the Wraith is fast, with a long reach. She runs in lengthy burst, covering much ground in short time, making it difficult to outrun her.

Additionally, the high aggro that tends to accompany bosses in Orange Zones and beyond, becomes a problem. While dodging the Wraith, an unlucky student might run into a Leaper and meet instant death. Or it may not be possible to dodge because a wall of zombies impedes progress, allowing the Wraith to strike.

Ideally, students would use a Rifle and/or Machine Gun, or find a secluded area to keep out the aggro while butchering the Wraith with Melee and/or Chainsaws.

There are two possible strategies to use against the Wraith: a continuous, zig-zagging retreat; or up-close combat.


In the Retreat Method, run backwards, firing as the Wraith approaches. Do not run in a straight line - the Wraith's fast darting speed and long reach will probably land a strike. Instead, move in a diagonal pattern, switching directions every time the Wraith gets close.

This method works with a decent Rifle that delivers high damage with accuracy over a distance. A VSS Vintorez or better will do the job.

Theoretically, it is possible to finish off a Wraith with only the Rifle (or a decent pistol, such as an Alpha Bull). However, the surrounding aggro will force students to switch to Machine Guns from time to time.

A Machine Gun can be used directly against a Wraith, but the weapon's low accuracy makes it far from ideal. They are reasonably effective up close, but for much of the battle the Wraith will be lagging behind, even off screen, until she rushes forward with a sudden burst of speed. During that time when she is at long range, much of the ammunition will be wasted.


Initially, Wraiths are intimidating because of their long reach and multiple tentacles, which often scare students into running as fast and as far away as possible. However, students will learn through experience what we will reveal now: those tentacles are not quite as dangerous as they appear.

The Wraith actually strikes with only one tentacle, and the blow lands directly in front of her. Those other tentacles are just for show; they are totally innocuous. Students can walk right under them, suffering no harm at all.

Therefore, if dodging skills are up to par, students can get in close and hack away at the Wraith with a Katana/Battle Axe, or grind away with a chainsaw. Students can even effectively use a machine gun, landing most of the ammunition on the Wraith while also knocking back any other zombies that come within range.

Students may encounter a Wraith in a low-aggro area. More likely,Up-Close Combat will necessitate luring the Wraith into a secluded area or behind a fence or wall that blocks other zombies. Once this is achieved, a one-on-one fight with a Wraith is not that overwhelming for a skilled Melee-Chainsaw student.


Suggested Weapons:

  • VSS Vintorez or 577 Rex or Ironsight rifle
  • Alpha Bull or Greyhawk revolver
  • Steel 090 chainsaw
  • Nodachi or Spiker melee

Additional Weapon Suggestion:

  • K-50M sub-machine gun
  • AK 47 assault rifle
  • Mannberg shotgun

The Burning Wraith is a more difficult challenge because of the extra time it takes to kill her and the increased damage she inflicts. However, the same strategies apply as were used for the Wraith.

Students could use the same weapons against a Burning Wraith that worked against an ordinary Wraith; however, the expanded duration of the battle increases chances of taking a hit or being overwhelmed by aggro. Consequently, a very high DPS weapon, preferably with as much Accuracy as possible, is preferable. Damage Boost Drugs will also cut down on the kill-time. 

As when dealing with an ordinary Wraith, a decent crowd control weapon is useful - even more so, because Burning Wraiths are more likely to be accompanied by heavy aggro. A grinding weapon is not necessary to kill the Burning Wraith itself, but it will help clear other zombies, isolating the Wraith so that a primary single-shot weapon can be used against the main target.

On a personal note: I have killed a Burning Wraith with only a Steel 090 chainsaw. Being a better theorist than a practitioner, it is safe to say that, if I can do it, then skillful expertise is not required.


Doctor Raglan provides a video lecture on Wraith Hunting.


Advice on weapons that are effective against a Flaming Wraith.

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