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Scientific-Minimalist Guide to Boss Hunting: Black Titans


Outside of the Wastelands, Black Titans are the most fearsome adversary that students will meet in the world of Dead Frontier. Black Titans are incredibly fast and difficult to kill. Without artificial enhancement, it is impossible to outrun them, and they are highly resistant to knockback. 

Even expert dodging skills may not be enough. A single mistake will result in a single blow - which might not be lethal but will be so debilitating that there is no way to avoid a subsequent, fatal blow.

Take a look at the chart to see the grim specs...




Health Points



Damage Per Hit



Experience Earned




Orange, Red, Black

Orange, Red, Black


Short of a Wraith Cannon and perfectly executed skills, there are only two ways to defeat a Black Titan: drugs and/or a fence.


A dose of speed drugs will provide just enough of an edge to evade the Black Titan's long reach when it pauses to strike. If students can avoid backing themselves into a dead end, they can weave through the streets, firing along the way. 

There will be surrounding aggro, but if students move around the block continuously, the other zombies will eventually trap themselves somewhere in the middle of the area, providing an opportunity to engage the Black Titan one-on-one. (Do NOT change direction or cut through the middle of the block - which will lead right into the middle of the missing zombie horde.)

Students can use a machine gun with this method, but with the Speed Boost a single-shot will be enough to kill the Black Titan. A rifle is preferable because of its greater accuracy, but a pistol will do. We would not recommend Melee or Chainsaws, except for highly ambitious students eager to show off their skills.


If a student can stay alive long enough to reach the safety of a small, fenced parking area, it might not be necessary to take speed drugs to kill a Black Titan; simply hold the trigger for ten minutes while shooting the Black Titan through the fence.

Spurts of aggro will interrupt from time to time, so a grinding weapon will be helpful. Try to clear the area as quickly as possible, with a minimum of dodging - wandering too far from the fence might lure the Black Titan out.

Depending on the color of the zone, Heavy Machine Guns may not be necessary. In Orange Zones, a K-50M or an AK 47 should suffice, maybe an AA-12 shotgun; an M4 is even better. In Red and Black Zones, maximum firepower is advised - it would be tragic to trap a Black Titan behind a fence but then get killed by some other zombies.


The higher the DPS, the less time it will take to kill the Black Titan, but time will not be a major issue if firing from behind the safety of a fence. In Orange Zones, a VSS or an Alpha Bull pistol will be enough. In Red or Black Zones, it is better to have something stronger, not only for the Titan but for the Long Arms and Rumblers in the area: a Doubleshot revolver, an Ironsight rifle, or a Worg Carbine.

Obviously, a shot of damage-boosting drugs would speed up the process, but using enhancements for both speed and damage is exorbitantly expensive.

To succeed without artificial stimulants, equip the biggest, baddest machine gun accessible and feed it with thousands of rounds of ammo. Most of these are Limited Edition or Unique weapons, but the SCAR 9000 should do the job.

Another way of attacking a Black Titan without drugs is with multiple survivors providing assistance, but these battles are more chaotic, with the target shifting attention from one survivor to another and then back again. In a confrontation with a single student, the Black Titan's behavior will be more predictable.