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Scientific-Minimalist Guide to Dead Frontier Boss Hunting: Hunting Boss Pairs









Key Points:

  • In eastern zones of Fairview, Dead Frontier's familiar boss zombies spawn in pairs: Titans, Mothers, Wraiths, Giant Spiders, and their flaming versions.
  • Extreme agro can make it difficult to focus firepower on boss zombies.
  • Faster boss pairs are very difficult to exterminate without top-tier weapons, high-end armour, maximum endurance, speed boosts, multi-party boss hunting, or a combination of all these.


To the east of Fairview, students will encounter both old and new boss zombies. The familiar foes spawn in pairs, making them twice as difficult to hunt.

Titans, Mothers, Wraiths, and Giant Spiders tend to spawn west of Secronom Bunker, in Orange, Red, and some Black Zones. The Flaming versions of these boss zombies spawn farther east, in Red, Black, and White Zones.

The techniques and strategies used against single boss zombies are still useful, but it is more difficult to succeed without top-tier weapons and armour. Boss pairs tend to spawn in zones with high agro composed of faster, stronger zombies. This makes it nearly impossible to succeed only with a looting weapon - high knockback and damage per second are necessary to fend off the crowd until the boss zombies can be isolated and targeted.

Slow boss zombie pairs - Titans, Mothers, and Flaming Mothers - are still relatively easy to hunt. Faster bosses, especially the flaming species, are very challenging. 

Students can no longer rely on dodging skills to compensate for mid-level weapons; maximum firepower is recommended. Speed boosts can provide the necessary edge to survive, but drugs are expensive, and the costs add up over time. This leaves students with a dilemma: either spend a fortune on drugs gradually or spend a fortune all at once on a Wraith Cannon.


In general, try to equip a weapon that can theoretically kill the target in two minutes or less (though of course it will take longer in actual practice).

Flaming Mothers, Flaming Titans, Wraiths, and Giant Spiders all have 15,000 health points, so ideally students should use weapons with at least 125 DPS. Many 100-proficiency weapons can supply this.

Flaming Wraiths and Flaming Giant Spiders have 30,000 health points. Only a handful of high-end weapons can supply the necessary 250 damage points per second: Goretooth, Desert Rat, Hammerhead, Street Dog, Vulcan, XLGunner-8, Gau-19, Wraith Cannon.

Unfortunately, DPS is not everything. The Vulcan has less DPS than the Hammerhead and the Street Dog, but its stronger knockback makes it preferable for fending off fast boss pairs. The XLGunner-8 is even better, because it offers high DPS and knockback. Even the XLGunner is no guarantee of success in a solo hunt against a pair of Flaming Giant Spiders. Without a speed boost or help from other hunters, students will probably want to consider purchasing one of the big Mini-Guns.


Slower Boss Pairs

Against slower boss pairs, the recommended strategy is a variation on the basic "circle the block" technique, used to thin agro and separate the bosses from the horde. In the case of boss pairs, students not only retreat around the perimeter of the area; they also squeeze through as many tight spaces and dart down as many alleyways as possible, sticking close to walls and obstacles.

The goal is to split the pair or at least slow one down. Eventually, one will run down an alley or bump into a car, falling behind. Unload as much firepower as possible to seriously wound or hopefully kill the first boss before the second catches up. Once the first boss is dead, what remains is essentially a solo boss hunt, which can be completed with a good looting weapon and skillful dodging.

  • Recommended Weapons: The Hammerhead assault rifle and the Street Dog sub machine gun have enough DPS and knockback. Ironsight, Marksman, or Doubleshot are good for pinpointing a single boss after the first one is dead. Explosives are good for blasting boss pairs surrounded by other zombies (often the case with Mothers).

Faster Boss Pairs

The same strategy can be used against faster boss pairs: Flaming Titans, Flaming Wraiths, and Flaming Giant Spiders. However, it is nearly impossible to succeed without high-powered grinding weapons, Speed Boosts, and/or help from other hunters. Students who cannot afford a Wraith Cannon are advised to use speed drugs or hunt with companions who can shoulder part of the burden.

  • Recommended Weapons: Assuming a Gau-19 is too expensive, students should use a Vulcan mini-gun or, better yet, an XLGunner-8. Skillful students may be able to switch to single-shot weapons when only one boss is left, but we do not recommend this.


The following videos illustrate strategies for dealing with Boss Pairs in Red, Black, and White Zones.

Video 1, though focused on Flaming Titans, lays out the basic strategies applicable to all boss pairs. Videos 2 and 3 showcase how those strategies are adapted to the difficulties presented by Mothers and Giant Spiders.


Video 1: Two Flaming Titans


Video 2: Two Mothers


Video 3: Two Giant Spiders