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Dr. Raglan's Scientific-Minimalist School of Dead Frontier Weapons, Builds & Boss-Hunting

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Very useful. me likey. :D

Nice guide. I was away for a long time. Its good to see your blog and tube channel still alive. Its pinned as one of my favorite pages for a very long time.

The only point I dont agree about builds is I still prefer rifle, pistol combination with a submachine gun. I believe this also fits the minimalist approach since that type of build can loot and shoot any type of ammo (assuming the player carries more than one type of a gun at weapon slots aswell as the inventory slots)

When we pick the awkward game breaking infinite ammo minigun, armor and max boost combos; the original game as it meants to be looting and grooting and aggro control at will. Also doing it the most economic way not to burn out (Pistol, rifle and submachinegun)

I really find melee, explosives the most useless weapons now (all except under certain conditions). I adored fast shotguns such as AA alot at the past. Its dps/dph isnt good at all. The ammo consumption of sm gun can be , somehow controlled. (Saving subm ammo for Outpost defense and only for short time defense out at looting and hunting)...Ps: Getting outof mass aggro Esc>Log out seems to be the most rational way if the player is under serious threat anyways; fending off the swarm with a subm gun; doing so.

I find pistol and rifle the two core weapons in the game, which I agree and wish the game got back to its original roots at a more realistic post apoc survival.

One note to add for the Rifle section:
The Worg Carbine is about 5% dmg boost away from being able to deal 25 base DPH, which is exactly enough to turn from a 2 crit + 1 non crit kill to a 2-crit kill. While scrambling for a 5% dmg boost might be slightly expensive (the cheapest setup for a lvl50 requires 3 Rage + 1 Violence), the improvement is pretty much well considered to be worth it, since it puts the Worg at the exact same performance level to the XDE or Desert Rat with the 3 basic black zombie types.

After the hype (and proven to be over-hype) of the Santa's Little Helper SMG, the X-MP5 has dropped a lot in price and is currently at the somewhat affordable price tag of 12m. It is currently the first ever of the X-guns to be somewhat affordable for the average player now, and ammo is also pretty cheap if you are capable of establishing an alt bridge from Bunker right to Nastya's Holdout (protip: get an alt at northeast corner of Western Zone, since Holdout also uses that same trade zone)

Given the trend, I would say that the X-MP5 would be a fine addition to the guide in the future.

Also noteworthy is that an enterprising student would have been able to afford the Chimney Sweeper which adheres exactly to the core concept of scientific minimalism, but applied on a higher level, i.e. the bosses previously concluded to be impervious toward scientific minimalism. It offers decently high DPS partially compensating for the drawback of all other shotguns, while maximizing knockback so much that it opens up almost every single boss for feasibility in hunting, all the while retaining the cost-saving nature of shotguns in general.

This all came at the cost of 1,000(1250) credits, 40(42)% that of the vaunted Buckblast's sale price. Sadly it's Limited Edition and is thus subject to further inflation despite its popularity, even though its current price is still much lower than that of the now lower tier X-crafted weapons.

Hello im a returning player after about 6 months and i'd like to ask your opinion about my current predicament: right now im lvl 22 at P13 with a shovel and 80 critical hit and 100 agility , now here's the problem, i found that the dual blades (which is the best melee weapon outside unique or credit shop weapons) is relatively cheap ~150.000 $ and right now i have 28.000 $ here's my question should i save up for the dual blades or try and get a katana or nodachi which are 46.000 and 68.000 respectively. :)

Hello from Cyprus. I am thinking to return to df1 after many years of absence. I want to try the mellee and chainsaw build. Is it viable to endgame content? Also how up to date are the guides on your website? Thanks in advance

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