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The Scientific-Minimalist Guide to Boss Hunting: Flaming Zombies 


  • Health Points: 2,500
  • Damage Per Hit: 40
  • Experience Gained: 2,700
  • Zones: Blue, Green, Yellow & Orange

The Flaming Zombie is the first Dead Frontier boss zombie that freshmen will encounter on the streets of Fairview. It is actually a mini-boss - a stronger, faster version of a typical zombie.

Flaming Zombies spawn in Blue, Green, and Yellow Zones. Often, they can be found near Nastya's Holdout, Dogg's Stockade, and Precinct 13; they even show up in one of the missions at Fort Pastor.

How to kill them? There are a few methods. Heavy firepower is not necessary; neither are firearms.


There are three basic strategies that can be employed with the weapons most likely available to students facing Burning Zombies for the first time. Assuming students are in Nastya's Holdout or Dogg's Stockade, they will probably not be attacking these foes with mini-guns. Fortunately, simpler weapons will do.

Note: Although weapons will be upgraded to defeat more powerful Boss Zombies, the underlying strategies explicated here will be more or less replicated later.

Crowbar-Shovel Method

Killing a Burning Zombie is the one situation in the Blue Zones around Nastya's Outpost in which a Crowbar or a Shovel would be substantially superior to an Iron Pipe, thanks to the greater Damage Per Hit.

Stay in the open streets, walking backward and sprinting when necessary, while the Flaming Zombie pursues. Every time it gets within range, strike it. This should stun it, providing a moment to backpedal slowly and regain the energy spent while sprinting. Avoid backing into a corner, and keep repeating the process until the Flaming Zombie dies. (Like all Bosses, his body will be loot-able after death.)

The potential pitfall with this method is that on every fourth or fifth attack, the Flaming Zombie will strike twice in quick succession. If the Crowbar happens to deliver a non-critical hit at this point, the Flaming Zombie may be able to land a blow. Otherwise, it should be possible to stay out of range.

I have tried this method a few times. With 100 total Agility and 80 total Critical Hit stats, I used a Crowbar to kill a Flaming Zombie in just over two minutes.

Kris Method

Essentially the same as the Crowbar Method, except that students will be able to strike more quickly. This means that, on those occasions when the Flaming Zombie strikes twice in quick succession, it is possible to counterpunch in time to prevent him from making contact.

Students who are talented enough to dodge and circle, can stay close to the Flaming Zombie while delivering nearly continuous damage, instead of running away and striking only at intervals when the Flaming Zombie catches up.

Using this method (with the same stat mentioned above), I managed to kill a Flaming Zombie in about a minute and a half.

Ronan Pro Method

To use a chainsaw to its best advantage, it is necessary to stay up close and personal. Why? Think of it like this:

The Crowbar delivers all its damage (41 points) once per second, so it is necessary to be within striking distance only once per second. Staying close in between those strikes just opens a window of vulnerability.

The Ronan Pro, on the other hand, delivers 8.57 hits per second; each critical hit is only 7.35 damage points. If a student is running away from the Flaming Zombie and it catches up every second, the Ronan Pro will deliver only 7.35 points of damage per second; the chainsaw will take longer to kill the Flaming Zombie than the Crowbar.

However, if a student is nimble enough to stay close to the Flaming Zombie, circling and keeping the Ronan Pro in continuous contact, the chainsaw will be inflict 63 damage points per second (a little less if  Critical Hit Stat is only at 80).

Using this method, I was able to kill a Flaming Zombie in a little less than a minute and a half.


 This video tutorial showcases the use of a CK 99, a Kris knife, an Iron Pipe, a Steel MS800 chainsaw, and an SL8 rifle to destroy a Flaming Zombie. As mentioned above, the Kris is good for circling and staying in close; the Iron Pipe is adequate for a run-and-strike strategy (though a Crowbar or a Shovel would have worked faster). The CK 99 suffers from frequent reloading (a problem for low-level students), but the SL8 is very effective.


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