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This guy is a fucking retard, who calls magazines "clips". This guide is total shit.

I am a humble returning player ;after many years of break to Dead frontier.

I was seeking economic and survivalist builds after the ,could be ,updates when I was absent.

I can tell that your work is satisfying.This is a solid site for Dead frontier.

Thank you very much foır the hard work.

Hi prof raglan, sorry must have been really tired when I saw the values for VSS. However, the nodachi does 107 damage per hit, so it takes 3 hits to kill a 250 hp bone. Sorry if I caused any frustration.

Also, I wanted to show you a spreadsheet I came up with that allows people to optimize weapon synergy. Y'know how each weapon needs a certain level of stats to maximise their effectiveness? e.g. SMGs need 124 crit, revolvers only need 80, etc.

And if you have a build that has synergy, basically the stats are reused for 2 or more weapons. e.g. If I have 124 critical, and I'm running a melee/rifle/SMG build, the critical stat is reused for all of the weapons, making the build very "synergetic".

It confirmed my theory that the revolvers/SMG/GL build is quite stat-efficient too. If you have time, could you check it out? It might be interesting to you.

How to use:
* click on link, go to file, make a copy.
* on your copy, copy paste the values for the 4 stats into the boxes which are blank below.
* The "SP/RP" value is the amount of synergy you get for the total points you spent on the build. The higher, the better.

Also, thank you so much for deciding to do the guide for secronom bunker! In my opinion, the main thing to cover would be what is the minimum equipment required to survive there while making a profit.

Just looked over the numbers for the VSS rifle versus the Bone, and our chart is correct.

The Bone has 250 HP. The VSS delivers 85 damage points per critical hit.

85 X 3 = 255 - five more points than needed to kill a Bone.

The odds of three consecutive critical hits are slightly better than 50%, so a VSS will kill a Bone with three shots more often than not, though it will occasionally take four shots if there is a non-critical hit in there.

Hi, just wanna point out a mistake in the weapon charts page. The VSS needs 4 shots to kills the 250hp bone. There are some other errors with the melee weapons with respect to the bone as well. Maybe the weapons got nerfed recently.

Otherwise, thank you for the awesome guide! I would actually say this guide is better than the drlp one. I'd really like to see the secronom bunker guide, will that ever be coming out?

really like this guide, hope you still play or moderate it
BTW i saw your youtube videos showing trick how to kill a titan on dogg stockade mission
so i guess this wasnt off topic i can add 1 trick to deal with wraith in Precint13 mission (the collect blood sample) i finish that mission on single player with a scalpel

Hey, just wanted to say I love the site! Also wanted to mention, there is a new bossmap at since HP was mining bitcoins and Monero using users power.

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