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The Scientific Minimalist Guide to Dead Frontier Missions: Dogg's Stockade

The dozen missions at Dogg's Stockade are more difficult and more lucrative than those at Nastya's Holdout.

Don't be alarmed. Students who successfully completed the missions at Nastya's Holdout should be on their way to completing these new tasks. Several will be familiar; the additional difficulty consists mostly of increased numbers: more items to loot, more zombies to kill: find five containers of chemicals instead of one, exterminate four flaming zombies instead of one.

There are more dangerous zombies in the area, but their numbers are usually so low that students can avoid them if they prefer to concentrate on the mission objective. Even if the numbers swell too large to ignore, new weapons will keep students safe (assuming students optimize these weapons with the proper stats and learn how to use them properly).


We will assume that students stay at Dogg’s Stockade for their entire sophomore semester (Levels 13-24), by which time they will have accumulated over 100 points to allocate for both Stats and Proficiency. This is enough to equip an Elite-level looting weapon,  such as a VSS Vintorez rifle, an Alpha Bull revolver, or a Battle Axe/Katana melee wepaon. Melee Proficiency has the added advantage of allowing students to equip Chainsaws, if they so choose - in this case, the 100-Proficiency Grinder.

However, some students may choose to spread their proficiency points to equip a supplementary weapon:


Melee-Chainsaw students have an advantage in that they can equip a grinding weapon without raising another proficiency. This gives them the option to stop at 80 Melee Proficiency (for a Steel MS800 Chainsaw and a Sabre or a Kukri), saving 20 Proficiency Points for an SL8 Rifle, which can safely kill zombies that are dangerous up close (such as the exploding Small Bloats).


Rifle students may stop raising proficiency at 40 if they feel they can get away with the Very Slow Firing Speed and the small ammo capacity of the M1 Garand, which one-hit kills Sirens. A better option would be to raise Rifle Proficiency to for an MSG-9, which has the same DPH as the M1 but a larger clip size. This saves 40 points for a Gramm M11 Submachine Gun, which gives some grinding power. 


This is a bit of quandary. Pistol students either have to give up the ability to one-hit-kill a siren, or they have to raise proficiency to 100 for the Alpha Bull. Anything from a Webster 1942 and above can kill a Siren in two hits, but most of those are Automatic Pistols that may not suit a particular build. The 60-Proficiency Kolt Anaconda is a Revolver that can two-hit kill everything up to Blood Dogs, and it saves 40 points for an M16 Assault Rifle. Nevertheless, we remain dubious of this option because Pistols have lower accuracy than Rifles, which means that the chances of landing two hits in a row are much smaller – the first shot is likely to knock a target across the screen before a second shot can land.


The first decent Shotgun is the Sega-20, which requires 45 proficiency points, leaving only 55 or so for a Looting Weapon. Students might be able to get away with using a Webster 1942 Revolver (40 Proficiency) or a Kris knife (50 Proficiency), both of which require two hits to take out a Siren but will do so  in less than a second because of their firing/attack speed (one shot/hit every .75 seconds). Generally speaking, the aggro in missions at Dogg’s Stockade are not so severe that we would recommend short-changing Looting weapon to equip a Shotgun.


Now let's take a look at mission strategies...


  • Goal: Find a Gang Leader and loot a package
  • Zombies: mostly Normal, some Bones, Reapers, Small Bloats, Blood Dogs, Sirens, etc.
  • Aggro: none
  • Suggested Weapon: Sabre or Trench Knife
  • Alternative Weapons: MSG-9; Alpha Bull

This is an easy mission, which sophomore students could complete immediately upon their arrival from Nastya’s Holdout, using their old freshmen-level equipment. Simply walk a few blocks to the designated area; find a package; and “talk” to a Gang Leader (actually, stand and listen while he speaks).

The only “difficulty” is finding the gang – students might have to walk around the streets a bit to locate them.

The gang will be standing next to a van that contains the package (presumably containing illicit materials). However, there will be other loot-able vans containing the package, so students can potentially complete that part of the mission before encountering the gang.

Aggro is close to non-existent in this mission, which could be safely completed with a Sabre – even Trench Knife, a Crowbar, or a Kris would probably do the trick.

If students are using firearms, an SL8 Rifle or Webster 1942 Revolver should be able to succeed.


  • Goal: Loot a severed hand
  • Zombies: Mostly Normal, along with Bones, Reapers, Small Bloats, Blood Dogs, Burned, Irradiated, Sirens, etc.
  • Aggro: low to moderate
  • Suggested Weapon: Steel MS800 and/or Sabre
  • Alternative Weapons: any looting weapon with 1.5 per second firing speed, such as a Trench Knife, SIC 550, a Dragon SVD, a VSS Vintorez, or an Alpha Bull.

Though technically a Loot Mission, this endeavor requires students to kill numerous zombies until eventually one or more of their bodies drops loot, whereupon the severed hand can be retrieved.

Aggro starts slow and gradually builds. By killing zombies quickly, students will be able to loot the severed hand long before aggro reaches dangerous levels. Then students can hang around and continue grinding or make a quick get away to pick up their reward back at Dogg's Stockade.

A Steel MS800 will take many zombies as quickly as possible. At first a Sabre or Trench Knife will seem sufficient for the low-level aggro, but it is a good idea to grab the loot before the aggro increases.

Remember: students will have to grind their way through many zombies before the first one becomes loot-able. It is not possible to kill one or two with Melee weapon and then skip out before the swarm hits the fan.

Since the zombies are relatively weak, students may be able to complete “Need a Hand” with lesser weapons, such as a Trench Knife or a Kolt Anaconda. Nevertheless, bigger weapons will handle the stronger zombies in the area, and it’s nice to be able to one-hit-kill any Sirens.


  • Goal: Loot five containers of chemicals
  • Zombies: Bones Reapers, Bloats, Blood Dogs, Irradiated, Sirens, etc
  • Aggro: minimal
  • Suggested Weapon: Sabre
  • Alternative Weapon: any decent looting weapon, such as a MSG-9 or an Alpha Bull

This is a longer version of a mission at Nastya’s Holdout; this time, there are five containers of medicinal chemicals instead of only one.

Fortunately, as before, the chemicals can be found on easily identifiable flatbed trucks (which are sometimes found in convenient pairs, right next to each other). Though the mission takes place over four areas, entering only one will usually be sufficient to find five trucks.

Pick off the occasional zombie with a Looting Weapon while concentrating on finding the trucks.

Because Aggro is light, it is possible to complete this mission with weapons less powerful than the ones we have recommended: a Trench Knife or a Kolt Anaconda would handle the weaker zombies. But as with “Need a Hand,” we suggest being able to one-hit-kill a Siren, just to be safe.


  • Goal: Exterminate Titan and loot its corpse
  • Zombies: One Titan, Bones, Reapers, Small Bloats, Blood Dogs,  Irradiated, Burned, Sirens, etc
  • Aggro:  moderate to high
  • Suggested Weapons: Sabre with Steel MS800
  • Alternative Weapons: MSG-9 with Gramm M11; Alpha Bull with M16 or Sega-20

This mission requires students to defeat a Titan, which is essentially the “Boss” version of the Bone – big, fast, and bony. Without good armor and/or high Endurance, it is possible to die very quickly.

Though intimidating, Titans are not invulnerable; with a little experience, they will eventually seem run-of-the-mill. The danger lies mostly in the length of time it takes to kill a Titan, time during which students must maintain focus or risk making a fatal error.

The strategy here is not that much different from the one used against a Flaming Zombie, though the fight is more challenging. Essentially, there are three options:

1. Retreat and Strike.

Use a Sabre for this method. An Alpha Bull Revolver will work, too, as will a good Rifle, preferably MSG-9 or above; even better are faster-firing Rifles such as the SIC 550, the Dragon SVD, and the VSS Vintorez.

The Titan’s speed works to its disadvantage in one way: the creature can outrun surrounding aggro, making it easier  to concentrate firepower on the beast.

To do this, run backwards down the street while the Titan pursues. When it gets clear of the other zombies and within range, shoot or strike it, sprinting backward as necessary before the Titan can strike.

Timing is important, because the Titan has a long reach. If it gets too close, it can kill with a single blow. Avoid getting backed into a corner from which there is no escape.

Melee students should not bother using a Kukri or other fast-striking knife for this mission. The chance of landing two quick, successive blows is low. Better to inflict maximum damage with a single strike from a Sabre or a Battle Axe/Katana (or a Nodachi, though most students at Dogg's Stockade will not own one).

Rifle students can attempt to shoot the Titan with an SL8 (the most commonly owned Rifle among sophomore students), but the Titan is resistant to stun and knockback, so it’s not as if the SL8 will hold the creature at bay. Also, the SL8 inflicts less damage than a Sabre.

Elite Rifles and Pistols, such as the VSS and the Alpha Bull, will do the job fairly quickly. High Reloading is recommended, to prevent potentially deadly pauses in shooting.

2. Circle and Grind

Students with good Agility and dodging skills can whip out their chainsaws and grind the Titan to death.

Students will need to circle constantly, avoiding blows. Fortunately, like all zombies, the Titan pauses to strike, providing a brief moment to get out of the way.

Also like other zombies, the Titan will tend to turn toward where the direction from which it was struck. So if a blow lands on the Titan on its left side, it will turn to the left. Knowing this provides a method of predicting its next move in order to stay out of its way.

To get maximum effectiveness out of the chainsaw, students need to stay in close and maintain continuous (or near continuous) contact. Students incapable of doing this are better off striking continually with a Sabre.

Students should see signs of weakness as the Titan nears death: its body will change to a bloody color, and it will lose appendages.  The Titan will also become more vulnerable to stun and knockback, making it easier to finish him off with  Melee weapons.

The danger of this approach is that aggro may catch up, so students will have to grind their way through any zombie interlopers that appear.

Chainsaw students most likely will have a Steel MS800 at this outpost, though a Grinder is not out of the question.

Non-Melee students can try this with Submachine Guns or Assault Rifles, but that seems like a waste of ammunition.

3. Find a Fence

Even a weak firearm can do the job if used from a safe distance.

Run around the block looking for obstructions; duck through an entrance and move away before the Titan follows.

Zombies, being stupid, tend to run straight ahead instead of following the path their prey has taken. By placing themselves behind an unbroken section of fence, students can stay safe while slowly shooting the Titan to death.

Melee students with an SL8 as their second weapon can use this technique, though it takes some time. The SL8 inflicts 54.6 damage points per second, which means it will take approximately 140 bullets and 2-and-a-half minutes of continuous fire to bring down a Titan (assuming almost every bullet hits the Titan – which is unlikely with other zombies swarming in the way). If ammo runs low, students can step around the fence and finish off the beast with Melee.

Of course, a high-end Rifle or Pistol, such as the VSS or the Alpha Bull, will work much more quickly.

Watch our video tutorial for Big Brother:


  • Goal: Kill Four Burning Zombies
  • Zombies: Burning, Normal
  • Suggested Weapon: Steel MS800 with Kukri
  • Alternative Weapon: MSG-9 or SIC 550 or Desert Fox with Gramm M11; Alpha Bull with M16 or Sega-20

Students who completed the “Flames” mission at Nastya’s Holdout should know how to kill a Flaming Zombie with their old equipment. This mission takes place south of Dogg’s Stockade, back in the Blue Zone, so except for the mission targets, the zombies can be one-hit-killed with an Iron Pipe, a Crowbar, a Shovel, or a Kris (the latter is faster, of course).

However, in this case it takes four Burning Zombies to complete the mission, so a weapons upgrade is advisable. Trench Knives, Wood Axes, Machetes, Kukris, and Sabres will not kill the Normal Zombies any faster, but they will expedite the extermination of the Burning Zombies.

Melee students should consider the advantage of faster weapons – Trench Knives and Kukris – which will clear surrounding aggro more quickly. This is a rare example of a situation in which the Kukri has some advantage over other weapons: it strikes faster than the Sabre, and it delivers more damage than the Trench Knife - a good combination for this mission.

We recommend the Steel MS800 Chainsaw, which will take out the Burning Zombies and the Normal Zombies with ease, as long as students dodge and circle, avoiding blows. This could take several minutes, so it is important to maintain focus.

Students who prefer Grinding Weapons other than Chainsaws should find that low-level equipment will suffice: a Gramm M11 Submachine Gun, an M16 Assault Rifle, or a Sega-20 Shotgun.

Students without Grinding Weapons should look for fenced areas to trap the Burning Zombies. Just stand outside the fence and wait for the targets to show up, then pick them off from a safe distance with a Rifle or Pistol. Or whack them through the fence with a Sabre (for this strategy, avoid the the Trench Knife and the Kukri, which have a shorter reach).

Some Burning Zombies may attack on the street, but it should be possible to finish them off and concentrate on the ones stuck behind the fence. Do so as quickly as possible before the aggro increases.

Initially, the Burning Zombies tend to appear one or two at a time – maybe three –  which can be handled with Melee. After a while the Burning Zombies may show up in groups of perhaps half a dozen, which could be overwhelming for inexperienced students. A chainsaw is very handy at this point. If necessary, leave the area and return, resetting the aggro.

We do not recommend using an SL8 or an M1 Garand Rifle on  Flaming Zombies in the open street. Although the SL8 is fine against the Normal Zombies, it is will take too long to kill Burning Zombies. The M1 Garand will provide significantly better DPS, but it has a low ammo capacity, so the Burning Zombies will have many opportunities to strike during pauses to reload (a problem exacerbated if  Reloading stat is low, as it probably is at this outpost). Rifle students probably want a weapon with a bigger clip size or a faster firing speed, such as an MSG-9 or a SIC 550.

For Pistol students, the Alpha Bull is strong enough to do the job, but it suffers the same problem as the M1 Garand: low ammo capacity, which is a problem for sophomore-level students. For students using Automatic Pistols instead of Revolvers, the Desert Fox has the advantage of faster shooting speed (2 shots per second) and slightly greater ammo capacity.


  • Goal: Loot seven machine parts
  • Zombies: Normal, Irradiated
  • Suggested Weapon: Trench Knife
  • Alternative Weapons: M1 Garand; Kolt Anaconda

Easy task: Walk several blocks south of Dogg’s Stockade and find machine parts. The mission is set in a Green Zone, inhabited by Normal Zombies, plus some Irradiated and Burned Zombies. There is no aggro, and the parts are easy to find (in identifiable vehicles).

Students who do not yet have a 100-proficiency Battle Axe/Katana (which can one-hit-kill almost everything in the Green Zone) might as well use a 60-proficiency Trench Knife: it will one-hit-kill Normal Zombies and two-hit-kill Irradiated Males and Burned Males in less than a second because of its  striking speed (one hit every three-quarter seconds).

 In this zone, the Trench Knife performs just as well as the 80-proficiency Kukri and slightly better than the Sabre, both of which are 80-proficiency weapons. All three take the same number of hits to kill Normal Zombies and Burned/Irradiated Males. But the Trench Knife and the Kukri are faster than the Sabre, which strikes only once per second.

The Alpha Bull (100 proficiency) will one-hit-kill most of most zombies seen on this mission, but students could get by with a Kolt Anaconda (60 proficiency), which performs like the Trench Knife: it will one-hit-kill Normal Zombies and two-hit-kill the Irradiated and Burned Males, firing once every three-quarters of a second.

The 20-proficiency SL8 Rifle has the same disadvantage as the Sabre: it takes two hits to kill the Irradiated Males and the Burned Males at a rate of one shot per second. An M1 Garand Rifle (40 proficiency) fires just as slowly, but it has the advantage of being able to one-hit-kill all Green Zone zombies except Blood Dogs.


  • Goal: Loot seven tanks of gasoline
  • Zombies: Bones, Reapers, Small Bloats, Blood Dogs, Sirens, Irradiated, etc
  • Aggro: minimal
  • Suggested Weapon: Sabre
  • Alternative Weapons: MSG-9; Alpha Bull

This is another easy mission - essentially a variation of “Fix ‘Em Up” at Nastya's Holdout, in which students loot seven cars in a low-aggro situation. The only differences are that the mission involves siphoning gasoline instead of looting machine parts, and the mission area has a higher prevalence of dangerous zombies.

Not to worry: Melee students can handle the zombies easily with a Sabre, aided by an occasional shot from an SL8 rifle to pop a Small Bloat. The Sabre is preferable over the Kukri, because it will one-hit-kill a few Sirens before they trigger any aggro – which is otherwise in short supply.

The only difficulty is that not every loot-able car has gasoline. The mission takes place over four areas; students will likely visit two of them to find enough gasoline.


  • Goal: Loot a map
  • Zombies: mostly Normal; Bones, Reapers, Small Bloats, Blood Dogs, Irradiated & Burned, Sirens
  • Aggro: Mild
  • Suggested Weapon: Kukri
  • Alternative Weapons: M1 Garand; Alpha Bull

Walk to the far northwest corner of Fairview and loot a map. The mission takes place in a single area, where the map is easy to find.

This is another mission for which the Kurki has a slight advantage. The mild aggro will send several zombies into the area – not enough to justify a chainsaw, but the Kukri will dispatch them more quickly than the Sabre, saving some time. A Sabre could certainly handle the level of aggro, but it will involve a little more weaving and dodging - time that could be spent looting instead.

Most of the zombies will be weaker ones that the Kukri can one-hit-kill. There are also Irradiated Male Zombies that take two hits from either the Kukri or the Sabre. The Kukri will kill them more quickly because of its faster striking speed.

A  Battle Axe/Katana would be a definite plus in this situation, as would an M1 Garand Rifle or an Alpha Bull Revolver (assuming Reloading stat is healthy).


  • Goal: Find Scott (actually exterminate a Burning Zombie and loot its corpse)
  • Zombies: One Burning Zombie, Bones, Reapers, Small Bloats, Blood Dogs, Irradiated & Burned, Sirens
  • Aggro: Mild to Heavy
  • Suggested Weapons: Sabre & Steel MS800
  • Alternative Weapons: Dragon SVD; Alpha Bull

This is an Extermination Mission disguised as a Search-and-Rescue Mission. The stated goal is to find Scott, a friend of Dogg’s who has gone missing. However, students entering the area will be attacked by a Burning Zombie. After it has been killed, its loot-able corpse will deliver a wallet with ID to confirm that Scott was the Burning Zombie.

Aggro is initially non-existent in the mission area. Melee-Chainsaw students will be almost be able to kill the Burning Zombie using a Sabre alone, but then other zombies will swarm around, forcing a switch to a Steel MS800 Chainsaw.

There will be several Irradiated Zombies, Reapers, and Bones, so avoid them while trying to concentrate on the Burning Zombie.

Firearms with faster firing speed, such as the Dragon SVD and the Alpha Bull Revolver, can do the job, but without a grinding weapon, it is necessary to weave and dodge to avoid aggro.

After Scott is dead, the aggro will continue, making it difficult to loot the body.  Students must run around the block leading the zombies away from the corpse. After luring the horde to the opposite end of the block, sprint back to the loot spot, weaving through obstacles: cars, fences, alleys. If one or two zombies manage to follow, take them out quietly with a Sabre.

Students can use the continuing aggro to their advantage if they want to grind for awhile. Otherwise, simply complete the mission and leave.


  • Goal: Loot blood samples from 6 Reapers
  • Zombies: Bones, Reapers, Small Bloats, Blood Dogs, Irradiated, Burned, Sirens, etc.
  • Aggro:  Mild but Dangerous
  • Weapons: MSG-9 or Alpha Bull
  • Alternative Weapons: Sabre with S8 Rifle

Students will need to kill enough Reapers to loot six blood samples.  Not all the Reapers will drop loot, but after the first few kills, most of the corpses will.

With a halfway decent Rifle or Pistol (i.e., MSG-9 or Alpha Bull), this mission is a breeze. For a Melee student with a Level 20 build and weapons, killing multiple Reapers poses difficulties.

Students must avoid the scythe-like arms of the Reapers. Approach them from behind or from the side. Sprint in, strike quickly, and dodge or sprint away. Confident Melee students may stay close, circling and striking repeatedly until the Reaper dies.

More cautious Melee students can run by the Reaper – on the side opposite the long arm – and strike while passing. Continue running until out of his reach, then reverse direction and strike again on the return pass. Repeat as necessary until the desired result is achieved.

It will take three Critical Hits from a Sabre to fell a single Reaper. For a sophomore-level student with a Level 20 Build, that is not an incredibly tall order, but there will be several Reapers simultaneously: while students are finishing off one, another could sneak up from behind.

Fortunately, the aggro in this mission is mild – at least initially. Our research indicates that students will find themselves facing only three or so Reapers at one time. By moving in wide open spaces, students can avoid being crowded by them. It also helps to be near a fence, which keeps some approaching Reapers at bay for a few moments while their brethren are killed off

We recommend the Sabre because it kills Reapers with fewer hits than the Kukri (three instead of four). Also, the Sabre has the advantage of a longer reach, making it easier to hit the Reapers without getting too close.

The Steel MS800 is contra-indicated in this mission because its buzz will attract more Reapers than are easy to hand. Even so, aggro typically will increase; a virtual army of Reapers may appear, crowding the street and making it impossible for sophomore-level students to dodge and kill safely.

Ideally, then, students should kill enough Reapers to loot six blood samples in a couple minutes; then leave the area before the aggro increases. We do not recommend that sophomore-level Melee-Chainsaw students hang around to grind. On the other hand, those with a mid-level Machine Gun may find the exercise fruitful.

It is possible that retreating continuously while firing with an SL8 could keep students out of the Reapers’ reach, but it is imperative not to double back for any reason – students would find themselves swamped and scythed to death fairly quickly.

This mission is one of the first which may prompt Melee students to switch to Rifles or Pistols.


  • Goal: Kill 30 Bones
  • Zombies: Bones, Reapers, Small Bloats, Blood Dogs, Irradiated, Burned, Sirens, etc
  • Aggro: moderate to high
  • Suggested Weapons: Steel MS800 with SL8 & Sabre
  • Alternative Weapons: MSG-9 with Gramm M11; Alpha Bull with M16 or Mannberg

Bones are dangerous to sophomore-level students  - fast and lethal, like a Burning Zombie, though not as hard to kill - and we definitely do not recommend attempting this mission until equipment left over from Nastya’s Holdout. More firepower is recommended, along with decent armor for protection.

Pistol and Rifle students have some advantage, because they do not need to get up close and personal with their targets; however, the lack of a grinding weapon could be problematic when aggro increases.

Fortunately, this mission can be accomplished with the suggested weapons, using a little strategy.

As with many Extermination Missions, the initial aggro is not too overwhelming, and the target zombies are sparse. Students can grind through them with an MS800 or even pick them off with a Sabre or some other Looting Weapon.

We do not recommend using the SL8 Rifle – it is too weak. A Melee student can keep it handy in case it is needed to explode a Small Bloat long distance.

After a short while, the aggro will pick up, and more Bones will appear; soon, the swarm will be overwhelming.With expert dodging skills, students  can fight their way through the horde, but the longer the battle lasts, the greater the risk of suffering damage - possibly lethal.

It is not just Bones that pose a threat. There are also vomiting Irradiated Zombies and scythe-armed Reapers. With luck and skill, students can handle these in small numbers, but when the deluge hits, there will be great risk.

What to do? Simple: retreat out of the mission area as soon as things get ugly. When students return, the aggro will once again kick in at a low-level, and it will be possible to kill another half-dozen Bones before beating another retreat.

Lather; rinse; repeat – until bagging the target number.


  • Goal: Exterminate 25 Sirens
  • Zombies: Sirens, Irradiated, Burned, Normal
  • Aggro: moderate to high (but manageable)
  • Suggested Weapon: Steel MS800 with Sabre
  • Alternative Weapons: Dragon SVD with Gramm M11; Alpha Bull with M16 or Sega-20

This mission is a dream for sophomore-level grinders. Why? Let us count the ways:

  1. Sirens offer the best ratio of Experience Gained to Effort Expended. They do not attack, and it takes only a single blow from a Sabre or a single shot from either a Dragon SVD or an Alpha Bull to dispatch them, for which students receive an impressive 180 Experience points.
  2. The targets scream, drawing lots of aggro to clear.
  3. The mission takes place in a Green zone, so there are no Reapers, Bloats, or Bones to cause trouble. Students can comfortably grind through the other zombies as long as they are careful.

What to do? Best suggestion: Grind away with a Steel MS800. Circle the zombie hordes, careful to avoid being hit – use sprint to occasionally provide some breathing room.

Use obstacles to deflect a portion of the aggro. With fewer zombies about, it is possible to concentrate on exterminating Sirens. This is especially helpful for Pistol/Rifle students who do not yet have a Grinding Weapon.

The main difficulty of “That Damn Noise” is that the slow-moving Sirens tend to get themselves buried in the center of zombie swarms, so it may be hard to target them. However, Chainsaw students with nerves of steel can take the plunge and dive directly into the crowd, with a Steel MS800 to push through to the interference.

This can be dangerous, but so avoid doing it too often. Otherwise, it is advisable to whittle away at the crowd from the outside, getting at the Sirens whenever possible.

Other low-level Grinding Weapons should be sufficient in the Green Zone: the Gramm M11 Submachine Gun; the M16 Assault Rifle; the Sega-20 Shotgun. All of these may take a while to cut through the crowds, but they should get the job done.

Students can attempt this mission with a Looting Weapon as long as it can one-hit kill a Siren: Sabres and M1 Garand rifles may be good enough, but Dragon SVD rifles and Alpha Bull Revolvers have faster firing speed.

The Alpha Bull has an advantage in that it can one-hit-kill Irradiated and Burned Males (which are out of reach of the Sabre and the Dragon SVD). The Battle Axe/Katana and the M1 Garand and VSS Vintorez Rifles can also one-hit-kill Irradiated and Burned Males, but this advantage is more luxury than necessity.

Remember: it is not necessary to stop grinding when the screen flashes the “Mission Complete” message. For at least a little while, the Sirens will keep spawning and screaming, drawing more aggro. Take advantage of the situation, and eradicate as many zombies as possible before heading back to Dogg’s Stockade.

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