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Firearm Shortage Lesson

As part of our new postgraduate program, we are working on a guide to Secronom Bunker missions. It will take awhile to finish it. In the meantime, we will post individual lessons here, beginning with...

Firearm Shortage

  • Type: Looting
  • Goal:  Loot ten M16 assault rifles
  • Zombies: Black Zone Population
  • Aggro: Little if any
  • Suggested Weapons: Best Available Quiet Looting Weapon
  • Difficulty Level: Easy

Firearm Shortage is one of Secronom Bunker's easiest missions. The M16s are found in military trucks - which are easy to spot and provide cover from any pursuing zombies. Students will be able to find 10 weapons without wasting time on useless loot spots.

Agro is low unless you provoke it, so quiet looting weapons are recommended, preferably Melee. If zombies do attack, circle the area, using the military trucks as cover while you grab the M16s

The mission takes place in two different areas, but they are too widely separated to make traveling between them worthwhile. Go to the closest area, five zones down from Secronom Bunker. If necessary, exit and re-enter the area to find more M16s in previously looted trucks.

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