Zombie Hunter University, Fairview

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Lesson: Mutate Away mission in Secronom Bunker

  • Type: Kill & Loot
  • Goal: Exterminate ten Irradiated Long Arms, loot their blood samples
  • Zombies: White Zone Population, particularly Irradiated Long Arms
  • Aggro: high
  • Suggested Weapons: Doubleshot or Marksman; Hammerhead; Immolator
  • Difficulty Level: Slight

Set in three White Zones in the northeast corner of Fairview, "Mutate Away" is a straightforward kill-and-loot mission, which requires students to exterminate enough Irradiated Long Arms to collect ten blood samples.

There is plenty of agro, so "Mutate Away" is no walk in the park. Fortunately, the targets are relatively easy to kill, and the usual strategies for this kind of mission work here as well. 

Students can either:

  1. Circle the perimeter of the area, killing Irradiated Long Arms along the way and collecting their blood samples during occasional lulls in agro.
  2. Trap the agro inside a walled or fenced area and blast away until ten lootable corpses are lying shoulder-to-shoulder. Lure agro away and then double back to collect all the samples at once.

We found the Hammerhead assault rifle more than adequate for fending off agro. The Immolator (or other high-end grenade launcher) will quickly kill enough Long Arms for students to bag their quota of blood samples, assuming they are packed closely together in some tight space, such as a parking lot.

Useful Tips:

  • In the top-left mission area, the wall around the hospital affords an excellent spot to trap agro and bomb them with explosives.
  • This is a good mission for grinding experience - just keep killing zombies even after collecting the blood samples.

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