Zombie Hunter University, Fairview

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Lesson: Security Leak mission at Secronom Bunker

Security Leak

  • Type: Looting
  • Goal: Retrieve 10 Secronom Keycards
  • Zombies: Black Zone Population
  • Aggro: Little if any
  • Suggested Weapon: Best Available Quiet Looting Weapon
  • Difficulty Level: Easy

Security Leak is a simple looting missions. The only "difficulty" is that the designated loot spots do not always yield the required loot.

The Secronom Keycards can be looted from dead bodies, which litter the streets in far great number than usual, often in closely packed groups. With luck, a student can grab all ten cards before the local wildlife takes notice.

Unfortunately, the bodies sometimes yield more common loot items. It is possible to loot all the bodies and come up short of keycards.

The mission takes place in multiple areas, so students could travel to one of the others to bag their quota. We recommend sticking to the area closest to Secronom Bunker - two down and three right from the outpost. Simply exit and re-enter to pick up more keycards from previously looted bodies.

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