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Lesson: Need a Bigger Vial - Secronom Bunker Mission

  • Type: Boss Hunt &Loot
  • Goal:  Exterminate a Flaming Black Titan, loot a blood sample from its corpse
  • Zombies: Black Zone Population, Flaming Black Titan
  • Agro Level: High
  • Suggested Weapons: Doubleshot, Marksman, Ironsight, Longshot
  • Difficulty Level: Extremely Challenging

"Need a Bigger Vial" is a straight-up boss hunt, pitting students against the biggest and most dangerous zombie haunting the inner city.

The Flaming Black Titan is so fast, strong, and dangerous that there it is nearly impossible to hunt safely. Ordinary weapons are not going to provide knockback, and skillful dodging is not going to keep you alive long enough to succeed.

Options include group boss hunting and speed boosters. The latter is highly recommended, because, once you can outrun the Flaming Black Titan, weapons become less of an issue - a good looting weapon with optimized accuracy and high Damage Per Hit will do the job.

Just keep running around the perimeter of the mission area to leave agro behind, and keep your finger on the trigger. 

We recommend scouting the mission area (6 down, 1 right from Secronom Bunker) before actually taking mission. Fire up a machine gun to get a little agro going; then practice running through the streets to get a feel for the twists and turns needed to avoid obstacles.

There are no good fenced areas where you can trap the Flaming Black Titan.

Fortunately, there are some walls that will block agro. Of course you can trap the Flaming Black Titan behind a wall, but you will not be able to shoot it unless you have a Grenade Launcher.

Nevertheless, trapping the creature for a while will provide an opportunity to recharge your energy if you have expended too much while sprinting.

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