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Lesson: Baby Blues mission from Secronom Bunker


  • Type: Search & Rescue
  • Goal:  Find Miranda, convince her to return
  • Zombies: White Zone Population
  • Aggro: High
  • Suggested Weapons: Hammerhead, AA-12, Street Dog
  • Difficulty Level: Challenging

High agro and a reluctant Miranda make "Baby Blues" one of the most difficult search-and-rescue missions.

Students are tasked with finding a woman suffering postpartum depression, who has run away from Secronom Bunker. Her friends have an idea where she may be but not a very solid idea, since there are three widely spaced mission areas:

  1. The closest is 3 down and 4 right in a Black Zone. We were unable to find Miranda here.
  2. The second closest is 6 up and 3 left in a White Zone. We found Miranda here.
  3. The farthest is in the extreme northeast zone of Fairview, 6 up and 4 right from Secronom Bunker. We did not search here, having already found Miranda.

The basic strategy will be familiar to students who have completed any previous search-and-rescue mission.

Enter the mission area and run around the block, seeking Miranda in the open streets. Fend off agro with a grinding weapon.

Miranda is relatively easy to find in the second mission area, standing on the street near an alley. If you do not see her, listen for the sound of fighting as you run down the street.

After finding Miranda, lure zombies away, so that she will speak.

Even with Miranda's help, it is impossible to fight off the agro. She may speak once or twice with zombies nearby, but that is not enough to complete the mission.

It is not necessary to lead the agro around the perimeter of the mission area.

Usually, this is the safest way to outrun agro, but it is possible to circle only the block where Miranda is located and still have time for her to speak before the zombies catch up.

Miranda is the most reluctant of any search-and-rescue target.

She will speak a dozen times before deciding to return to Secronom Bunker.

She may say two or three sentences every time the vicinity is clear of zombies. This means it will be necessary to draw agro away from her four-to-six times.

The biggest challenge of "Baby Blues" is staying alive long enough for Miranda to make up here mind.

The Dead Frontier wiki states that agro in this mission is "near infinite," but we found it manageable.

The real problem is the prolonged risk from repeatedly luring the agro away. There are several tight squeezes (between cars, through bushes) where it is easy to get blocked by zombies. Going round the block once or twice is no great risk, but eventually the law of averages catch up.

Useful Tips:

  • The alley next to Miranda is a dead end. We thought we could leave the zombies behind and get to her by entering the building and coming out in the alley. This worked (more or less - we had to fight some zombies inside the building), but when we got back outside, Miranda started repeating previous bits of her conversation.
  • On the southwest corner of the mission area, a car is wedged against a building, with a truck next to it (see full-size image). After completing the mission, it is possible to run between the vehicles, which will trap most of the zombies for a while, providing an opportunity to grind the horde for more experience.

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