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Dead Frontier Rifles Video Lecture

Dead Frontier Chainsaws Video Lecture

Dead Frontier Video Lecture: Melee Weapons

Video: Introduction to Dead Frontier Weapons

Introductory lecture on the basics of Dead Frontier weapons, intended for beginners.

Flaming Giant Spider Video Lecture

It's difficult but it can be done: here's how.

Giant Spider Video Lecture

Tactics and weapons to use against Giant Spiders.

Flaming Wraith Video Lecture

For senior students who feel ready to hunt Flaming Wraiths...


Dead Frontier Wraith Hunting Tutorial

Doctor Raglan returns from sabbatical to discuss hunting Wraiths.

Dead Frontier Boss Looting Tutorial

So, you've spent five minutes killing a boss, but when you try to loo the corpse, a tidal wave of aggro prevents you. What to do? Doctor Raglan offers some answers in this video tutorial.

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Flaming Titan Tutorial

The final video in our three-part series showcases effective weapons and strategies for hunting Flaming Titans.

Titan Tutorial #2

The second video in our Titan-hunting series showcases the use of Melee and Chainsaws, with a shotgun thrown in for good measure. As always, elite-level weapons are not necessary, just a little skill and strategy.

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Titan Hunting Video Tutorial Part 1

 Part 1 focuses on rifles and pistols. Melee and Chainsaws will appear in Part 2.

Stomach Cramps updated

Our tutorial for the Stomach Cramps mission in Fort Pastor has been updated to account for the change in the Fairview map. The layout of the mission area is completely different, now with an open field surrounded by bushes, some of which provide enough protection for students to use as relatively sa…

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New Burning Zombie Video Tutorial

Just posted a lengthy video on hunting Flaming Zombies. Little in it will be new to experienced students, but freshmen should check it out if they are contemplating their first boss hunt.

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Video Tutorial: Mother

For sophomore-level students contemplating their first attempt to boss-hunt a Mother, here are some tips.

Put Them Down Video Tutorial

Just posted a video tutorial on how to complete the "Put Them Down" mission in Fort Pastor.This mission is not so difficult that it demands a tutorial - but I wanted to use an easy mission or two while deciding upon the best approach to these videos: Should they show the entire mission or just excer…

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Survival Build

Made some revisions to our recommended Build #4, now called the Survivor Build. Basically, the changes focus stats on Melee and Chainsaws, sacrificing Accuracy and Reloading. These leaves points for Endurance and Strength (for better armor), which gives students with this build greater ability to su…

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Guide to Weapons completed

The Scientific-Minimalist Guide to Weapons is now ready. Students may peruse it here.

Duel to Death with Giant Spider

Burning Zombie Video Tutorial

This video tutorial showcases the use of a Kris knife and an Iron Pipe to destroy a Flaming Zombie. Both weapons deliver the same Damage Per Hit. The Kris strikes slightly faster but has a shorter reach, so circling and staying close are necessary to use the weapon to its advantage. The Iron Pipe …

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