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New Chart for Dead Frontier Weapons vs Special Zombies

We have updated our chart illustrating the effectiveness of Dead Frontier weapons against Special Zombies that first appear in Green Zones (including Irradiated and Burned Zombies).

Check back for more updates to our page of Weapon Charts.

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New Chart for Dead Frontier Weapons vs Normal Zombies

As part of our continuing series of updates, we have posted a new chart illustrating the effectiveness of Dead Frontier Weapons against Normal Zombies. 

We will be updating our charts in page devoted to weapon effectiveness.

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Critical Build #2 updated

ZHU's guide for Critical Build #2 has been updated. Along with some nifty charts to make information easier to digest, we have included outpost-by-outpost instructions for how to develop the build, coordinating weapon progression with stat allocation, so points will be in place to make weapons work …

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Assault-Hybrid Build updated.

Our guide to the Assault-Hybrid Build has been updated. Lots of information on how to develop the build so that weapons and stats are up to the needs of the various outposts. Also some charts to illustrate how stat and proficiency allocation is synchronized to optimize weapons when they are equipped…

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Survival Build #4 updated

We have updated our listing for Survival Build #4. Now included are outpost-by-outpost breakdowns of how to allocate stat and proficiency points so that students will be secure in the knowledge that they are able to equip the right weapon at the right place. Illustrated with nifty charts like this o…

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Critical Build #3 updated

We have updated our entry for Critical Build #3, using Melee, Chainsaws, Rifles, and Machine Guns. The guide now includes outpost-by-outpost breakdowns on allocating stat and proficiency points.

Critical Build #1 updated

While developing our soon-to-be-revealed post-graduate program, we are reorganizing information on our website, particularly as it relates to Build Templates. We have just updated the entry for Critical Build #1, to include specific outpost-by-outpost guidelines for raising stat and proficiency poin…

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Scientific Minimalist Guide to Armour

Filling an embarrassing gap in its undergraduate program, Zombie Hunter University has just filled published the Scientific Minimalist Guide to Dead Frontier Armour.

Graduate students will of course be well aware of the information contained therein, but freshmen and sophomores will find the gu…

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Weapons Chart updated

Made some corrections and additions to the Weapons Chart. Added some weapons (e.g., the Longshot PP10) that were not available when the chart was first made. Also noted when drug boosts or implants could push a weapon past the threshold necessary to one-crit kill certain zombies.

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ZHU Diplomas

Zombie Hunter University has crafted a diploma to bestow upon graduates! Have a look...

Here is a closeup of the ZHU logo used in the diploma's seal.

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Back From Sabbatical

Doctor Raglan is back from his long sabbatical during the holidays. He is writing up some additions to the curriculum and is planning some new video tutorials. 

However, major updates to course work will be put on hold until April. Major changes are expected to take place in the city of Fairview…

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Dead Frontier changes coming in April

There has been an announcement about massive changes on the streets of Fairview.  Until those changes take place, we cannot be certain how they will impact the curriculum of Zombie Hunter University. Our test subjects, volunteers, and professors will investigate as soon as the changes take place in …

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Video Demonstration: Hunting 2 Giant Spiders

Doctor Raglan narrates a video demonstrating the methods for hunting a pair of giant spiders in the far eastern zones of Fairview - one of the more dangerous challenges in Dead Frontier.

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Video Tutorial: Flaming Flesh Hounds

A lesson in hunting the third and most dangerous species of mini-bosses that spawn in the areas surrounding Secronom Bunker.

Video Tutorial: Flaming Rumblers

More info on hunting mini-bosses near Secronom Bunker:

Video Tutorial: Flaming Long Arms

For graduate students moving to Secronom Bunker, a lesson on facing one of the new dangers you will encounter.

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DFProfiler replaces DRLP

The old DRLP website has gone down. It has been replaced by Students can get precise information on their hunger and health condition here.

For example, when your monitor in Dead Frontier says that you are "Nourished" or "Healthy," DPProfiler may reveal your Hunger is at 80% (mea…

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Video Tutorial: Hunting Two Mothers

Doctor Raglan's latest tutorial on Dead Frontier boss hunting: The strategies that work against a pair of Titans do not work so well against a pair of Mothers.


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Video Tutorial: How to Hunt Two Flaming Titans

Hunting a pair of Flaming Titans is not just a matter of using twice as many bullets. Here, Doctor Raglan explains what you need to do.

Video: Dead Frontier Dimensional Anomaly

The video recording of a recent field test was interrupted by an unexpected phenomenon that defies our understanding of physics.


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